Ashes in Two Places

One place:

PCOak: A new, better PCElm
PCOak is a new, enhanced version of the PCElm mail client, based on Demon's version of PCElm 1.12.
PCOak 0.2.1 (March 2006: the first new release for 2.5 years!) is now available, after a very long (work related) hiatus in development; this adds assorted new functionality to the 0.2 release, and will be the last version to feature the unused historical baggage of uucp mode, dot menu, MMDF mailbox support and the built-in message editor. There is also a separate "long-subject" version which stores, and can display, longer subject lines than the regular version. PCOak is fully compatible with PCElm, but is much more stable and reliable, and has some useful enhancements. It can be confidently said that all PCElm users, no matter how timid, would be better off using PCOak 0.2; while 0.2.1 is based on tried and tested code, it probably should not be declared suitable for the most timid PCElm user until it's been in use for a while.

GremNOS (GeK's KA9Q variant)
GremNOS is a variant of KA9Q, based on Demon's 2.16d release, which was originally developed by Garaham E Kinns (GeK); he stopped developing GremNOS after v0.2 was released in November 1997, but since 2001 a few "unofficial" further developments have been made by Simon Turner and Pete Disdale; our current version is v0.3d (October 2004), which fixes the problems with NUL bytes in SMTP mail which can stall the server.

Another place:

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